by Above Shattered Skies

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released June 17, 2014



all rights reserved


Above Shattered Skies Pamplico, South Carolina

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Track Name: Follow Your Light
These days are lost in my mind to the sound of
An empty echo that I cannot escape.
The world leaves me with questions unanswered,
Time is an endless wound, an illusion.
Far too long I have lived blinded
Unaware and unawake
Let your mind absorb the clarity
Take a breath, breathe all in.

There’s no turning back now.
We must ascend from the darkness beneath us.

Believe that you’re worth it, I know that you’re worth it.
Stand with me now and sing “I am worth it!”
Follow the light, oh follow the light.
Gazing at bright skies I follow the light.

Take a breath; breathe all in, at the edge of the world.
This life is bigger than you’ll ever know.

We’re all lost souls searching for a home.
There’s no time to hold on to false hope.

Let the stars guide you home.
We will follow our hearts.
Track Name: Voiceless
We are the infinite dreamers calling out to a generation that doesn’t know wrong from right blinded to reality.

Lost in time as I run from reality
I just want out, I just want OUT.
My world is collapsing around me.
Inside my head I feel the weight of doubt.

We seem to lose our voices
When we need them the most we turn away to the shadows.
Pick yourself off of the ground; don’t lose your sight, find your way
To your path for the future.

This isn’t the time to be voiceless in a world that would watch us burn.
Like wolves, they will tear us apart.
Have no fear for I am here.
Have no fear, for we are the relentless.
Standing ever strong.
This is who we are.

Our faith is much stronger than mountains, oh can’t you see it?
Our courage will never fade away, we will make this world our own.

There is no limit to the strength we posses.
We have found our voice from inside.
Track Name: Reflections
Sometimes I think back to the days before you abandoned all we had.
It reminds me to remember how I'm the better man.
You left behind 'friends' and 'family' for your selfish ways.
And still I wonder if you think of me.

Knowing that we could have been much more than what we are
sparks my hatred to burn violently, bursting from the heart.

I will never become worthless like you.

Reflections stay forever the same.
You are nothing but an empty name.

Blood's supposed to be thicker than water.
That is what I have always believed.
Family means more than this to me.
I guess I just believed another one of your lies.

You burned so many bridges just to save your life
And you left behind a world consumed with fire.
I can't forgive you for what you caused
Believe me I want to, but just know that I can never let this go.

Where will you be when the world is listening?
Where will you be when the world is watching you?
All the money you have will never mean a thing.
You can run from the world, but you can't run from me.

I can't forgive you, I hope you know
how we're so different, but you're alone
And now you're so broken
Track Name: High Hopes, Deep Seas
Oh, can’t you set me free
From the dark pulling me under?
It’s like I cannot breathe
As my anchors continue to sink.

Sometimes it feels like I’m sinking, like the world is an anchor bound to my feet
& no matter how hard I try to break free, I will soon belong to the sea.

All around me is an endless despair of my burdens between lives I could not save.
The darkness swallows me I cannot see the light.

Oh, can’t you say that I’ve come too far to let myself drown in my own sorrow?
When I disappear I’ll be nothing more than a name.

I never gave up, never gave in.
Never let the dark consume me.
& you set me free.
Track Name: Breaking Free
Another chance wasted on you, I’m wasting away
Waiting, wishing you would come back to save me.
Another chance wasted on you, I’m wasting away
Waiting, wishing I was worth all of this pain.

Time after time I’ve faced my own darkness.
It never leaves me, stares with empty eyes.

All the answers that I seek I know are buried inside.
I’m running circles in my mind, I need to stop, rethink, rewind.
Every time it’s all the same; I seem to lose myself.
I’m running circles in my mind, I need to stop, rethink, rewind.

Yeah I’ve told you that it’s worth holding on to.
I could be the one sent to save you, whoa.

I won’t let you hold me down
I’m taking control over my life.
I’m breaking free from your lies.
Your words are an empty shell.
You’re never what you seem.

I won’t let you hold me back.
I’m breaking free from this.